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O Marinheiro - Restaurante
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Praça Dona Filipa de Lencastre, 185-187
4050-260 Porto



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excelente restaurante na baixa do Porto com cozinha tradicional portuguesa,variados pratos de carne e peixe a preços muito bons,o ambiente é simpático limpo e agradável,o atendimento muito bom.

5.0 estrelaspor Antonio Lapa em 8/6/2014


O Marinheiro

After a tiring day of hiking up and down the winding streets of Porto, there is no better way to relax, have a good meal and be able to continually drink in the spirit of Portugal than at the O Marinheiro restaurant. Featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy good music, fine wines and delicious traditional dishes.

The reasonably priced menu at this Porto restaurant consists of four meat dishes, four fish dishes and a wide selection of both local and imported wines to enjoy with your meal. From the outdoor seating area of the O Marinheiro restaurant, you can relish your home made dessert selection, while in full view of the Avenida dos Aliados and close by popular landmark, the Clerigos Tower.

Nowhere else in Porto can you find such a warm and welcoming atmosphere in such a beautiful setting, especially this close to the busy downtown district. With the City Hall next door and the lively Paris Street Galleries close by, you can drink in the sights, relax and enjoy dishes such as baked cod and peppers, seafood rice and grilled squid and shrimp.

Language is not a barrier at this Porto restaurant, as the skilled staff is well experienced in dealing with people from all over the world. You never know exactly who you might spy here, having a quiet meal and hiding from all those pesky paparazzi!

5.0 estrelaspor Adam em 19/4/2014


Excelente qualidade,preço.

Excelentes cozinhados tradicionais , ótimos preços , ambiente agradável , simpatia dos colaboradores.

5.0 estrelaspor 0 em 27/9/2013