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Calçadas - Sta. Mª Olivais
2300-329 Tomar



If I started to look like my fcanie that would really be hysterical. He's an asian looking italian, puerto rican and I'm a Irish looking german, italian. It's quite impossible, but you never know.I did see a frumpy old couple the other day who I swore could be brother and sister.Maybe after years of eating the same foods and sleeping in the same bed, you start to morph. I hope it happens to us in a good way.That old couple I mentioned didn't look happy.

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gostei bastante

eu gostei bastante, o atendimento foi fantástico e a comida muito boa. Recomendo a todos.

4.0 estrelaspor Paulo Madeira em 20/4/2011



Restaurante com fraco atendimento e com comida normal

2.0 estrelaspor Fernandogonçalves em 7/2/2009