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Restaurante Ti Albertina
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Rua dos torneiros, nº45- S.Victor
4700 Braga



i know rich guys who die of this too.A few years ago, my own hubby had serious ceeabrrl malaria, he almost passed out .. lucky we know doctors all over this country and some of our community doctors who live in Kisumu who we called to go and survey him. The nurses were convinced he had fever. I knew and he knew he had malaria. It as showing negative on the results. I could not go there from Nairobi two small babies in my arms so we checkd out the Lohana Directory and called the doctors sent them over to AgaKhan and he got treated for malaria. Unfortunately my hubby did not and still does not speak swahili he was also rather down under sweating, hallucinating and he could not get across the message that he knew what he had even tho the results were showing negative.Voila, so it helps to be able to communicate in the local language too.Does that story make sense?

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Ti Albertina

Nunca fui comer ao Ti Albertina, mas posso dizer que já fechou há bastante tempo. Moro próximo.

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